Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mini Monkey Bread for my Sick Monkey

I've come to be the master detector of ear infections.  It may be because both girls had tubes in their ears prior to the age of 1 year and 15 months.  My daughters of course would never give me the clear indications they had ear infections such as a fever, drainage or any slight pulling at the ears.  The way I can tell is a lovely looking nose that needs to be wiped every minute and being able to only sleep with my husband and I after screaming in the very early am. This morning at the lovely hour of 2:00am after my husband and I both tried to convince ourselves she'd calm down on her own I went to my 17months room and knew I was in the long haul.

Whether it's our smell, the warmth we give off or the sound of our heart beat nothing calms down my girls quite like being next to us when they're sick.  Fortunately for them they are usually drifting off to dreamland seconds after hitting the pillow.  Unfortunately for my husband and I we are usually configured in a way one of our limbs goes numb and we are also in the presence of a very loud snorer.  My plans to accomplish a more elaborate 'pin' fell to the wayside after hearing my daughter has a double ear infection with a sinus infection.  With that, tonight's menu is easy- spaghetti and meatballs (the pre-made frozen kind which makes it even easier). I've been drooling over a garlic Parmesan monkey bread I pinned earlier and think it would be a perfect paring for this meal.

Pinterst Inspiration:
Pinned Image
My Results:

If you click on the link above from my 'pin' you'll find the blogger has you make the dough from scratch! This will not fit into my timeframe or do I have paticence to watch dough rise.  I tried making this with pre-made canned dough and they were awesome.  Such a quick fix and everyone loved how flaky they were.

1.  Since there are only 4 in our family, I opted for 1 can.  The store only had cresent rolls but they actually worked out really well.  Biscuits or regular dinner rolls should also work.

2. I preheated the oven to the directions on the dinner roll package which in my case was 375.

3. While my girls watched a quick before dinner show, I was able to cut the dough log into pieces.  The bigger the pieces the bigger the pull aparts.  I used my cooking scissors which made this a very easy process.

4.  Melt 2-3tbsp butter and mix it with the dough,  3 cloves or 1.5tsp of minced garlic and parsley flakes to your liking. As you can see from the photo I use the jar of minced garlic.  For these types of recepies, it saves me a lot of time not needing the mince whole cloves. Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top.

5. Since I was only making 4 rolls, I opted for the larger muffin tins but a 12 tin would work for smaller ones. I placed about 4-5 balls into each cup and put into the oven.

6. Bake for 14-16 minutes.

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